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What's a doodad?

It’s the extra special something we sneak in to every project. Doodads usually present themselves when we are in the thick of it. When we pull our heads up and ask, “how do we add more oomph?” It didn’t used to be a formal thing, it was simply a good challenge for ourselves. Now, we are officially guaranteeing doodads with every project. So if you don’t receive your doodad, your meal is on us.

Hand-made Be leaf set and props

Unfortunately, the world is not built for¬†anthropomorphised vegetables, so we had to create one! A creepy hallway, mini cubicle, and rotating planet had to be built from scratch so our vegetables could act out their “be leafs”.

See the final animations on the Be Leaf website, here.


Where better to showcase our doodads than our own Demo Reel. Hand-made, 3-D typography was the feature for the set we created, all from recycled papers.


The Challenge is an annual team event put on by the River North Business Association. We were challenged with making a video that portrayed the fun, energetic, and sometimes silly spirit of the event and explain the basic rules of the night. All the sets costumed were created from scratch.

Watch the final video here.


Simply Living is a Columbus non-profit that makes connections between the community of like-minded groups that are dedicated to living sustainably. To show that Simply Living is a catalyst for moving toward sustainability, we created a functioning board of gears, all from recycled materials.

Watch the final video here.

Simply Living Doodad